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Children's Games


David and Goliath


A great game for all young children to enjoy! Choose the strength and direction of David's sling shot and see whether you can hit the traget - Goliath!!!!


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The Armour of God


You are riding a chariot and you have to pick up all the armour of God (as the pieces aproach you). Each item gives you 100 points. And every set of six pieces gives you 500 points. If you crash, don't worry because there are three spare wheels. There are three levels for this game.


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Bible Catch


An angel is dropping Bibles from the sky, see how many you can catch before they hit the ground (using the arrow keys to move the girl). Try to catch as many Bibles as you can in just one minute. A great game for the younger ones!!


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The Fishermen and the Fish


Jesus performed a miracle for the fishermen who were out all night. You can help the fishermen place the fish in their buckets. Just match the fish with the buckets and see how many you can deposit!!


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  • father Abraham (Monday, September 02 13 03:25 am BST)

    wow God bless u richly for these amazing treasury of God's wisdom.I needed to research Is 54 on the net and divinely came across u site.Your teachings are wonderful.Surely God will surely reward u
    for this worldwide impartation to the body of Christ.Be blessed and continue to be a blessing.SHALOM.

  • Sam (Sunday, June 02 13 06:40 pm BST)

    Utterly pent content material, Really enjoyed looking through.

  • Thomas Gaughan (Saturday, May 25 13 04:31 pm BST)


    A friend on facebook posted one of your messages 'True Peace in Your Life'. I found your 'greek to me' page and assume (because of your last name) that you speak Greek (or is it Grecian:)...can you
    tell me the correct pronunciation of the word pistis (faith). I've heard that the p is said like an h.

    thanks - blessing to you all over the pond

  • Benita (Sunday, April 14 13 11:40 pm BST)

    I was drawn by the honetsy of what you write

  • Andrea with Gina (Saturday, February 16 13 11:15 pm GMT)

    We are always looking 4ward 2 ur wisdom bites:)

  • Mark Rich (Saturday, September 15 12 01:10 pm BST)

    Wisdom Bites - Bad Habits: That is a fabulous email. Would you mind if I added it to the stories section on our addiction website. I will keep your email address with it so as if anyone would like to
    contact you, they can.

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