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Pastor Chris is founder and senior pastor of Cornerstone The Church. Situated in Walton-on-Thames England, the church has a large congregation with forty one nations represented. It accurately portrays the multi-cultural society we live in. Both young and old are able to experience the love of God and enjoy the unity that's present during every church service. Cornerstone is well known for its hospitality, its welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, and its vibrant worship. It is a place where God's word is preached without compromise and where people's needs are met.

The Sermon Studio

Pastor Chris is very accomplished in the way he delivers his sermons. His relaxed approached makes them easy to listen to and absorb. After studying the subject thoroughly he carefully selects his words so that the listener may get to know exactly what is being communicated. Pastor Chris examines each topic from every perspective before delivering an inspiring experience. Thousands of people around the globe are being blessed by Pastor Chris' sermons and are using them for study purposes, teaching and preaching. They regularly listen to his podcasts on iTunes and view his videos on Vimeo, YouTube and LifeMatters TV.

Wisdom Bites

Wisdom Bites are "bite size" articles written by Pastor Chris and circulated via email to the friends of Cornerstone the Church and The Sermon Studio. They cover relevant topics such as worry, loneliness, bad habits, failure, etc. The practical wisdom these articles provide are helping many thousands of people navigate the storms of life. You can subscribe by completing the Registration Form or sending "ADD" to

Greek To Me

This Greek to English word study section is not intended to teach people Greek, though it may be used to good advantage for that purpose. It is designed to help the reader discover some of the immense treasure that is embodied in the original Greek text. By placing certain Greek words into their correct setting, and then elaborating and expounding on their translation, Pastor Chris reveals a clear and concise perspective to the meaning of each individual verse or passage of scripture. Furthermore, to get across a compelling interpretation of certain words, Chris draws on his Greek Cypriot background which is steeped in Eastern Mediterranean culture. 

Study Tools, Books and Bibles

The apostle Paul tells us that proper Bible study leads to approval from God (2 Timothy 2:15). The same verse also speaks of other benefits. First, as workmen, we need not be ashamed—if we study God’s Word. Instead, studying becomes fulfilling and satisfying. The Bible is the inspired Word of God. It is His written Instruction Book to mankind. It answers every important question in life. In this segment you will find a selection of study tools, chosen to assist you in aquiring precise information concerning the Word of God. The knowledge and revelation you receive through diligent study will inspire you to greatness. Remember, God watches over His word to perform it, and every word that leaves His mouth is never void of power (Ezekiel 12:25; Hebrews 4:12). 

Jesus In Your World

Jesus In Your World is a series of recorded interviews by Pastor Chris. In these inspiational videos, pertinent questions are asked of notibale Christians in all walks of life. The topics include: Politics, Music, Fashion, Theatre, Business.

The Holy Spirit

Jesus, when He was baptized, went up straightway out of the water: and, lo, the heavens were opened unto Him, and He saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon Him (Matthew 3:16).

If you are interested in learning more about the Holy Spirit you can access 31 Sermon Notes by simply clicking on the image.

Developed by Dr Sharief Ibrahim and Pastor Chris,

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Note, no claims of absolute originality are made for the material on this site. And the sermons contained herein are not intended to replace your personal study of God's infallible Word.

It's my prayer that the ideas and thoughts expressed will stimulate and inspire your own thinking and lead you to a

deeper revelation of His Word. 

Every Sunday at 11.15am BST

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  • father Abraham (Monday, September 02 13 03:25 am BST)

    wow God bless u richly for these amazing treasury of God's wisdom.I needed to research Is 54 on the net and divinely came across u site.Your teachings are wonderful.Surely God will surely reward u
    for this worldwide impartation to the body of Christ.Be blessed and continue to be a blessing.SHALOM.

  • Sam (Sunday, June 02 13 06:40 pm BST)

    Utterly pent content material, Really enjoyed looking through.

  • Thomas Gaughan (Saturday, May 25 13 04:31 pm BST)


    A friend on facebook posted one of your messages 'True Peace in Your Life'. I found your 'greek to me' page and assume (because of your last name) that you speak Greek (or is it Grecian:)...can you
    tell me the correct pronunciation of the word pistis (faith). I've heard that the p is said like an h.

    thanks - blessing to you all over the pond

  • Benita (Sunday, April 14 13 11:40 pm BST)

    I was drawn by the honetsy of what you write

  • Andrea with Gina (Saturday, February 16 13 11:15 pm GMT)

    We are always looking 4ward 2 ur wisdom bites:)

  • Mark Rich (Saturday, September 15 12 01:10 pm BST)

    Wisdom Bites - Bad Habits: That is a fabulous email. Would you mind if I added it to the stories section on our addiction website. I will keep your email address with it so as if anyone would like to
    contact you, they can.

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